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Free Pizza in NYC all week!!

What do I find in my inbox this morning but THE BEST NEWS (for hungry broke people) EVER? From Scott’s Pizza Tours:

FREE Pizza in NYC!

This Is What You Get When You Read The Entire Newsletter

Thanks to a tip from our pals at Slice, we are proud to tell you about some free pizza opportunities this week. The Snapple beverage company has decided to reward mid-morning pizza snackers with free slices starting at 10:30 each morning until the 500th person has been served. Here’s the free pizza schedule:

Monday, May 4
Spinelli Pizza
425 Seventh Avenue
New York NY
(b/n 33rd and 34th streets)
Tuesday, May 5
Famous Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine Street
New York NY
(b/n Bleecker Street and Sixth Avenue)
Wednesday, May 6
Silver Spoon Diner
58-21 Junction Boulevard
Queens NY
Thursday, May 7
My Little Pizza
114 Court Street
Brooklyn NY
(b/n Atlantic Avenue and State Street)
Friday, May 8
Mezza Lunna Pizza
98 Eighth Avenue
New York NY
(at 15th Street)
I’ll throw in a plug for Scott’s Pizza Tours too — a few of us took the tour this January. If you, like me, were a child whose entire life’s goal on a daily basis was to identify your next source of pizza consumption, this tour is solidly awesome. You start at Lombardi’s, the birthplace of pizza, and get on a bus to a few different places around the city and the outer boroughs. Dude knows his pizza, pizza lore, pizzology, and it’s exponentially more interesting than that Sex and the City tour.
How much pizza ruled my life is a memory that somehow faded over the past 10 years I spent living away from the tri-state area in places that serve triangle-shaped pizza-flavored products instead of the real deal. Now it’s back, with a vengeance. Here’s Scott extolling the virtues of Patsy’s in Harlem.
Give pizza chants

Give pizza chants

My top spots so far (and the search has only begun)
My Little Pizza, Court Street
Lucali, Carroll Gardens
Patsy’s, Harlem
Any pizzeria available when drunk