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Freelance whages

In honor of my first full year feeling the burn of April taxes from freelance writing, please enjoy this tax day lulz from the New York Times Op Art:

Only if these were real deductions:

“That/which deduction: deduct $1 for every grammatical error in a sign or poster that you pointed out to someone else.”

“Sherlock Holmes deduction: Deduct 100 percent of the cost of blockbuster movies you didn’t really want to see”

And glad that these aren’t real:

That whole twitter tax formula, and:

“Delayed Adulthood Penalty: Multiply the number of years since your 25th birthday by the number of roommates you currently have and multiply the results by $-10.”

So I would have owed another $200 just from that alone.

[PS–the head of this post references the band Freelance Whales, who, as of last update, were neither whales nor employed on a freelance basis. Try the song “Hannah” because it’s fun and happy and will make your delayed adulthood seem worthwhile.]