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New Year’s Eve happy: ‘Broken house behind me & good things ahead’ edition

The seminal New Year’s anthem: “This Year” by Mountain Goats (sorry for the ad; it was the only embedable video I could find!).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To paraphrase our friend Mandy, aka Akwarian Sea Rebel: if you were just walking up to bat in 2010, in 2011 you’re going to hit a home run.

Friday Happy: All we are is ducks in the wind

Feeling a little knocked down by the sudden onslaught of harsh winter this week? Take some inspiration from this:

[NSFW, if you work in the kind of place where you regularly play internet videos aloud without headphones, though if you work in such a place where that’s acceptable thisis  probably is SFW]

192 days till summer y’all. Though I prefer to take the more optimistic, goal-oriented approach to beating winter: 11 days till the winter solstice, y’all, when at least the days will stop getting shorter.

Now back to looking for a real winter coat.

Friday Happy: Trash, go pick it up

In honor of a week where it was all trash-picking, all the time:

Morrissey covering the NY Dolls* classic “Trash,” live in Dallas 1991.

The week culminated in this: Water bottle bill boosts city recycling – and collectors’ profits, which was the first time my picture appeared in the Daily News since I was spotted getting into a limo outside Pumps with A-Rod and Suri Cruise. Continue reading

Friday Happy: Maybe you will have a girl tonight

Just one of the happiest things to come out of YouTube in awhile. Jenny Lewis joins Belle and Sebastian to sing “Lazy Line Painter Jane” on stage in Hollywood on Oct. 3.

[via L Magazine] Continue reading

Friday Happy: A pop culture bob-omb


Even if you weren’t familiar with the totes awesome Scott Pilgrim series, it’s already clear today’s release of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World the movie is heralding in a cultural phenomenon on the level of Napoleon Dynamite (by that I mean a sleeper late-summer hit driven by geek-energy that consumes the mainstream. By that I hope I don’t mean we’ll be seeing “Team Scott” T-shirts on middle aged house dads or key chains that spew Wallace Wells quotes sold in Spencer Gifts).

Early reviews from the SP-geek illuminati have been strong, so there’s every hope that this will save the blah summer movie season. Or at least get rid of the general numbness in my face caused by The Expendables.

The reason to be hopeful here is the apparent fealty to the source material from director Edgar Wright, who, in his previous films, has exhibited the rarefied art of balancing parody and reverence for the genre in question (zombies, cop movies, manga). As a testament to that, someone made a video swapping out the live-action trailer for its original Brian Lee O’Malley book art.

(via Lars)

BONUS: Watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. Animation, from adult swim! Featuring the back story on Kim and Scott’s relationship, and some great River City Ransom references.  Continue reading

Friday Happy: America the underdog

Really, Russia? You’re gonna spy on us now? And after we just treated you to some hot slabs of American cuisine? And right before HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA weekend too, no less!

Might we remind you how the last Cold War ended? With Slyvester Stallone pummeling your national pride into a bloody mess in front of a rabid agitprop-prone crowd. One spectator was reportedly so devastated her only consolation was a several year bizarre televised relationship with American time clown Flava Flav.

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Friday Happy: The first recorded That’s What She Said

I am way too overworked and still recovering from last night’s TOTALLY AWESOME Brokelyn to do big posts this week, but this one is a simple way to end the week. Is this the first recorded TWSS joke? From Hitchock’s 1929 film “Blackmail.” (via Dave Mazur)

Technically it’s “as the girl said to the soldier,” but it’s close enough. Does the river of boilerplate humor have its mouth at Hitchcock? I think the girl said that to the soldier too.