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Content is king, and everyone wants the crown

on a week of dealing with blog piracy

Blog pirates are on the move

Content piracy: not just for MSM any more! (foto via GayGamer)

One of the most common slights against the blogosphere (that word itself now somewhat of a slight as it segregates blogs into a shady lawless bubble separate from polite media society) is that bloggers are a parasitic bunch who take the output of hardworking journalists and adorn it with their own commentary, snark, derision, insights or, occasionally, supplemental information. This happens, as the trope goes, while bloggers concurrently deride the value of traditional media such as the Times and CNN, throwing hand grenades of viral discontent at the very hands that feed them (for no charge too).

This is no doubt true in many cases. The vampiric media syndrome is the bane of journalists who watch people tear their work to shreds on the internet, knowing full well that bloggers would have nothing to talk about if the New York Times, WSJ and so forth suddenly stopped publishing. Even on a large-scale, successful blog site, such as Gothamist, I’m not a fan. The Gothamist model essentially rounds up the interesting news items from the Times, Post, Daily News, NY1 and others and summarizes it for their audiences, adding a level of humor, snark or commentary (which is admittedly lacking from the big sources) and repackaging it in a more attractive way for the blog-savvy masses. Continue reading

Fine, I guess I am a Blogger, and other thoughts on the BK Blogs meetup

Brokelyn's Lauren Cannon gets blogged on at The Bell House (photo by jillysp)

New Yorkers, I have come to learn, never really need an overarching excuse to get together, tip a few drinks and be social, whether this be for business negotiations, quiet commiseration or just drunkenly arguing over the added societal value of increased usage of portmanteau (or increausortmanteau).

Yet still, I am, by nature, highly skeptical of organized media events — press briefings, journalism conferences, awards ceremonies, any sort of general charlie foxtrot breaking news situation, and the like.  All these have done little in the past to dissuade the adage of “hell is other journalists,” whether it be from being pestered for breaking news updates from TV reporters too lazy to do their own reporting or trying to get a question in edgewise to Seann William Scott during a roudtable interview when a woman kept pestering his time with non Bulletproof-Monk-related questions related to the anti-drug campaign.

So it is with this trepidation that I went into the BKBlogs event at Bell House last Wednesday night, knowing full well that any event that involved willfully immersing oneself in a sea of bloggerers and twitterers was a recipe for a hot mess of self-promotion stew.

But Brooklyn, as ever, is full of pleasant surprises. Brokelyn was asked to help host this event with Fucked in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based, with no other intended purpose than to get together at a cool bar and network the shit out of each other and see what the faces of those pajama-clad carpal tunnel-rocked wretches of the Brooklyn bloggerati look like.

People responded well to the event, and a few hundred filled the front lounge of the Bell House, far outcrowding the pink-haired, wallet chained, fedora-adorned Cherry Poppin’ Daddies fans (concurrent concert in the back room. And hey, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are still around! Zoot!). Continue reading

TONIGHT: BK Holiday Meatup!

So what if the one date I got from the last Meatup ended up stranded in the high Sierras of awkwardness? The Meatup itself was a no-pressure situation blast, and some people had much better luck than I (Fucked in Park Slope has been chronicling those lovey duvey success stories). Tonight’s theme: naughty holiday party. Also time to mention, for no particular reason, there’s a Trader Joe’s product called “nutty bits.” This makes me laugh every time.

Secret tip: more girls have bought tickets to go than guys. As much as I hate to blow up my own percentages when they’re tilted so far in my favor, all dudes should holler in my general direction if they are interested in attending FOR FREE.

hot santa

(From Brokelyn) Holidays. Nog with two straws. People skating hand-in-hand. Sickeningly cute couples huddled for warmth behind a frosted coffee shop window. It’s all enough happy winter romantic goo to make you want to vomit. And you know damn well you want to be a part of it. Unfortunately, December is a notoriously crappy time to meet new people to date, what with everyone’s attentions all on parties and family and such. But this year, don’t worry, because the BK Meatup is back, and it’s meatier than before.

The BK Holiday Meatup (naughty office-party theme) is this Wednesday, Dec. 9, from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Bell House. Be prepared for hot Santas, one hour of free strong drinks to attack your inhibitions, $3 Busch beers all night, free massages (endings may vary) and hot dogs for sale by recently Martha Stewart-approved Asia Dog.

Tickets are $10 ahead of time, $15 at the door. So buy one now! Click on the meatup ad on (the Brokelyn) page to get tickets (down there, on the right, in red, with the words “GETTING LAID” on it). Yep, you found it. Now, good luck under the mistletoe.

Friday Happy: We gonna sip Busch beer like it’s your birthday

via Brokelyn

via Brokelyn

I donned my lucky Chucks and took my perpetually single self to the Bell House Wednesday night for the first BK Meatup, not entirely sure how the skeptical hounds of the borough would respond to a singles-themed event, and having never attended a blog event before, and therefore justifiably scared of what terrors the real-world manifestations of blog commentators would portend. Early ticket sales were strong so I figured at least a few people would come through and mingle, if for nothing else than the cheap beer. Worst case, it would be a blog summit for us poverty addled kids at Brokelyn, the potty-mouthed playas at Fucked in Park Slope and the informative borough culture gurus at Brooklyn Based

I was also mentally preparing myself to have to volunteer for the male wet T shirt contest, under the assumption that dudes at the event would be too shy to climb on stage and have water dumped all over them like so much organic, free-range beef.

Turns out, my skepticism was stupid wrong on all counts.

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Deets deets deets

(also, it’s my birthday. single lonely balloon…)
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Undersexed male bloggers need their Oracle

Couldn’t resist sharing this:

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Web clip: Poor and Thirsty in Park Slope

From Fucked in Park Slope today:

Alas, we received the following email yesterday at FIPS HQ:

Your Name: Cindy

Subject: unemployed persons bar crawl

Message: so where in Bk should my loser friends and I go tomorrow to get wasted on the cheap?

So, of course, we decided to connect with our good friends at killer new blog on the block Brokelyn for some poor pointers. Tim Donnelly sent along some expert notes, so check it:

Getting hammered cheaply and Park Slope don’t normally go together, but I know of at least a few places to do so. The Gate (5th and 3rd) is one of the few bars I’ve been to in the nabe that has PBRs, plus they have a decent selection of draft beers for not terrible prices, and their outdoor patio sitting area is nice on a warm eve (ed note: uhm, we have some verrrry mixed feelings about The Gate in these parts, but we’ll stick with ya cause we’re poor and don’t have a choice).

Read the rest of the post. Do it!


So apparently I’m developing a reputation as a poverty addled drunkard in Brooklyn. Woo hoo for having a reputation!