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This wins at Hurricane Irene

I’m underwhelmed at being underwhelmed all the time. Which is why it’s good we have the internet to enhance news events.

Via New York Shitty:


Friday Happy: Something strange in the nabe

Couldn’t not post this one from Improv Everywhere, due to this blog’s well-documented pro-Ghostbusters bias.

I am largely in favor of anything that causes mass confusion of the harmless variety. See also: SantaCon, No Pants Subway Ride, guys riding unicycles down sidewalks, etc. After all, not everyone can be these guys:

If someone asks if you are a god, you say "yes!"

This kinda prank is distinctly different from Improv Everywhere’s other kind that targets specific people. Recommended listening: this great This American Life episode about the victims of some of those pranks, and how the WTF-esque experiences affected them.