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Grifster reporter suffers ultimate grift

In case you’re wondering whether there’s  a stable future in breaking news about young Brooklynites who steal money from other young Brooklynites for a story that rampantly spreads as a cultural meme, don’t wory. There isn’t.

Doree Shafir, who broke the infamous Hipster Grifter story for the New York Observer, was laid off last week, along with several other of the paper’s top writers.

From Gawker:

Here are the names we’ve heard from a good source, although they haven’t been officially confirmed by the paper yet:

Matt Haber
Spencer Morgan
Doree Shafrir
Chris Shott
Peter Stevenson
John Vorwald
George Gurley

Haber and Doree are both Gawker veterans, and both are extremely good bloggers and writers of real journalism, too. Doree just broke the freaking Hipster Grifter story, for god’s sake. Spencer Morgan is Manhattan’s finest chronicler of annoying men. The paper is clearly in very, very tough financial shape.

Everybody’s sick of hearing about the grifster story by now, but there’s no doubt that Shafir did a detailed and professional reporting job with it. The story on its own was solid and well-done.

The story probably brought more hits to the NY Observer than anything else recently. but it wasn’t enough.

Statement from Christopher Barnes, President, Observer Media Group –

Reducing the size of our reporting staff was not an easy decision to make. Unfortunately, the New York Observer is not immune to the economic pressures being felt industry-wide. The reality is: we have to cutback in order to move forward. This is an incredibly challenging time for newspapers, with newsrooms across the country trying to find ways to do more with less. But, I’m optimistic that the Observer will weather this storm and emerge stronger.

Grifster arrested! All of Brooklyn suddenly without anything to blog about!

Oh, what the hell, we’ve come this far, why not see it all the way through to the end? The Grifster has been arrested:

Confirmed: Grifter in Slammer

The long, strange saga of the hipster grifter, aka Kari Ferrell, appears to be Confirmed: Grifter in Slammer coming to a close—or at least a game-changing pause. We admit that the notion of Ms. Ferrell eluding capture for months, even years, befriending twentysomethings in tattooed enclaves across the country while she insisted that she had been framed (or at least, was sorry) was alluring. But last evening, Ms. Ferrell turned herself in to Philadelphia police and called ANIMAL New York’s Bucky Turco (from her iPhone!) at 2:30 a.m. this morning to let him know.

“She’s been arrested,” a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Police confirmed to The Observer this morning.


Damn, and she was my best prospects for a date in Brooklyn so far.


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they met on CL

they met on CL

Thanks again to Megan Lovett, Inverted Soapbox’s resident photoshopper [edit: was in rush before; fixed Megan’s link to work now] [EDIT 2: I guess the photo wasn’t working for everyone before, should be OK now]

Shortly after, the pig’s wallet and cell phone went missing and he received an e-mail that Kari was pregnant.