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The daily profit

Probably the greatest rejection email eva. If you don’t know how seed.com works, it’s a new AOL crowd-sourcing news site that lists dozens of topics they’re looking for someone to write on. Pay would have been $25:

Hi Tim Adam Donnelly,

Thank you for your recent SEED content submission, Lord Voldemort: powerful dark wizard tyrant.

We’re writing to tell you that we liked your content submission, but that it was not an exact fit for publication on one of our AOL network’s sites.

But we strongly encourage you to try again—we loved what we saw, and hope that we find an opportunity to work together in the future.

Please visit SEED (www.seed.com) to find some new assignments that may be a fit for you.


Your SEED Editorial Team

See ya at Blog 9 3/4

Inverted Soapbox is off to England for a week! This trip will now take over the spot for my most authentic British experience, a position previously held by a four-year stint as an employee of Union Jack’s on the Seaside boardwalk.

England, of course, I have every reason to expect will be nearly identical in look and behaviour to this:

Probably no posts in the next week or so, so this is a good chance to offer some recommended reading, a virtual Diagon Alley of blogcest, if you will:

Subway Style — Robin Monheit’s blog on fashion underground

Brokelyn — Living big on small change in the county of Kings (look for a new post by me on Father’s Day, I think)

Look at This Fucking Hipster — In case you haven’t seen it yet, for all your Billyburg schadenfreudists. Probably only about a week away from the inevitable book deal, I figure

Cribbster — A peak into the projection room of the J. Edward Cribbs’ cinema-fueled mind, focusing on the movie scene in Atlanta. He was linked to by Gawker last week. Nevermind what for.

Jeff Vrabel dot com — Music reviews, interviews and columns from a terribly underemployed editor in South Carolina, who texted me like 100 times this weekend about how many times he ran into Ted Leo backstage at Bonnaroo.

And, in honor of the trip, the only authentic British person I know (confirmation pending), Peter Hull, staff writer at the Charleston Post and Courier and all-around football hooligan.

Cheers, mates!

Friday Happy: How long you gonna be, mate?

Slow posting this week because I’m headed to England on Tuesday and slammed to the wall against deadlines until then.

This’ll be my first trip to England. My conceptions of Britain, as filtered through my pop culture education:

Overly obsequious mannerisms towards inter-species intruders

Silly walkers

Regicidal gutter punks

Hormone-addled teenagers carrying dangerous class 5 weapons

Cross-dressing history buffs

And, of course, brutal and terribly dry humour. Here’s an example of how the original Office was so much better than the American version (hint: it wasn’t a sitcom).

Oh Britain, I long for your awkward pauses and reserved tempers. See you soon, mate.