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Inverted Soapbox Heartily endorses

Comedy Death Ray Radio!


If modern comedy has a movement against the oppression of staid and soul-crushing pop comedy, CDR is its Radio Free Europe.

If you aren’t listening to it, your life is probably more unpleasant and unfunny than you realize. The free-wheeling improv conversations and character bits are whimsical catnip for the brain, and the guest stars (from Weird Al and Patton Oswalt to Garfunkle & Oates and Aziz Ansari) all sound like old friends just making funny in someone’s living room. But the real highlight is the characters: keep your ears out for Bill Cosby Bukowski (creator of jello-etry), El Chupacabra and Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

For more, check out splitsiders Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts.

(thx to Conal for turning me on to this last year)


Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses

taking a long bike ride through your local park on a hot summer Sunday soundtracked the entire way by a Michael Jackson concert.


sh'amon, via Found in Brooklyn

If I had to guess, I’d say this was probably the opposite of the Glenn Beck rally the day before.

But don’t be like me and miss this:

Via Daily News and Village Voice.

SHAMELESS RELATED CROSS PROMOTION: On not interviewing Who’s Bad, the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band

Friday Happy/Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses…

Now here’s an advertising mechanism for newspapers that we should support. The Newspaper Picture festivalat Film Forum is an amazing act of collective werd-nerd nostalgia that, I hope, is more wistful and celebratory than creepy and necrophilic. I caught a double feature on Sunday that included what may now be my favorite movie of all time, Park Row, the story of hard-charging, fair-minded idealistic reporters who escape the sensationalist cloud of their yellow journalism publisher and strike out to start their own scrappy new rag (printed on butcher paper, at first) in an already saturated New York newspaper market.

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Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses…

…a record-breaking 90-degree day in April.

wonder wheel!

I don’t have much to add to that, save for the fact that 90 degrees beaming down from above and the sand between your toes is enough to chase off those tax-day blues. Sometimes you just need to see the ocean to remind yourself that the world has an edge, and that the horizon does in fact stretch on to unchartable lengths only hinted at by the briney scent of the air mixing with coconut oil, Rihanna and weed smoke at Coney Island. Continue reading

Would’ve heartily endorsed…

…The Brokelyn Beer Book, but it sold out like air-condition spewing Springsteen tickets on a sticky hot August Asbury Park night (sorry, visions of summer and all).

Picture 42

This also represents, to my knowledge, the First Time in the History of Time That the Internet Made Money (in my world experience, at least).

More on what it was after the jump: Continue reading

Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses…

…using your roommates’ two computers while they are away in India for two months.

While my laptop, the first non-newsroom-loan laptop I have ever owned, a hand-me-down from (I shit you not) my grandfather), is 90-97 percent responsible for the success of my existence in New York since arriving on a couch here last winter, it is suffering through a brutal and ugly stage of life support. I am near my predetermined savings goal for purchasing a new computer, but the (gentle) juggling of a left-behind Mac and Sony Vaio is helping bridge the gap betwitxt hence and thence.

And what a great opportunity to give a plug to Blog Mahal, Brittany and Nathan’s published accounts of their journeys through South Asia, where their first India-datelined post has just appeared. They also borrowed my phrase “Naan Scents” for the URL, which I totally call dibs on as the name for my hip Indian curry bistro that I will open once all the revenue opportunities have been siphoned out of journalism (See also Tim Donnelly’s Super Barcade, Señor Scoop’s Ice Cream Saloon, Nietzsche’s Pizza and, of course, Tim Donnelly Presents: Jonathan Cribbs‘ Cinema and Pancake House.

Related: Also heartily endorses:

-Google Docs

-Chrome’s new boomark syncing option

-iTunes’ shared library feature

It’s becoming one big computing cloud, kids, and we’re just mist in the middle of it.

Inverted Soapbox Heartily Endorses…

…his 77-year-old grandmother’s adorable online singing bear business.


through which you can buy a bear, duck, skunk, hip-hop dog, other animal that sings, dances, shimmies and shakes to the music. Also the home of Bearack Obama:


now with Facebook page! (sister Donnelly, web master)

Two years ago, grandma could barely even turn the computer on. Now she’s on Facebook. The world moves in bounds or not at all.

sing us out, Aussie Alligator: