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This Week in Great Sentences

Theme this week: over-indulgence


But thanks to Huffington, all self-respecting journalists—especially those who fear for their jobs—have abandoned those anxieties and are happy to chase Arianna’s SEO Speedwagon wherever it may go. They’ll even drive over inconvenient journalistic shibboleths that stand between them and their page-view destinations.

-Jack Shafer, SEO Speedwagon: The rapid rise and sale of Arianna Huffington’s Post, Slate, Feb. 7


That’s a bit like how social networks get built. (Just imagine if Tom had also schooled them in the networking opportunities of the user-generated endeavor: “You’re not just painting a fence. You’re building an audience around your personal brand.”)

-David Carr, At Media Companies, a Nation of Serfs, NYT, Feb. 13. Continue reading