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On the resurgence of ICP- UPDATED

from Gchat today:

Jeff:  did you listen to the Jesus track?

I don’t mean to be annoying about this, but you really must absorb The Unveiling

skip ahead to like 2:30

me:  downloading now

me:  will have to listen to when not in a coffee shop with skeptical eyes watching me

Jeff:  oh sure, Mister Hipster Big Shot I Don’t Want People To Know I’m Listening to Rapping Clowns Talk About Our Lord


will update later whether this track was worth public excoriation. It comes with this ringing endoresement:

Jeff:  the catch is that this new recorded promises a return to the pre-Jesus approach of cutting people with large axes

UPDATE 8/24: HOLY CRAP IT’S ACTUALLY KIND OF AWESOME. It’s epic and building, kinda like an “All My Friends” for the twisted, religious, clown-makeuped set. This song is also probably the second ICP song I’ve ever sat through. Jeff says he is starting to suspect that ICP has just been fucking with us all this time. You mean a band that has both the lyrics: “may the Juggalos find god!” and “Murder go round, murder go round
How ya gonna fuck wit a wicked clown?” may be less than serious?

Here’s Jeff’s 2007 column What is a Jugaloo? where he admits his fear of clowns clouds his decision-making process.