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Team Brokelyn in The New York Times

Yeah, totally made the New York Times today. Not for any work per se, but at least for being hard at work.

From the Times feature today, where they sent reporters out to do a “flash census” of the five bureaus. As they describe it:

While the official census delves into people’s private worlds, The New York Times took a census of a different sort, one that captures New Yorkers in their everyday glory. Taking a page from the venerable Harper’s Index, and a few from “A Day in the Life of America,” this flash census took a snapshot of gathering points in each of the five boroughs on Thursday morning.

That's (L to R) Jonathan Berk, Beth Hoyt and me, just stunned we were able to get a whole table to ourselves on census day at the Tea Lounge

The pic and info is from Team Brokelyn (or what remained a bit into the meeting) Thursday morning, busy hacking away at our efforts to make brokeness seem cool again.

The reporter, Kareem Fahim, a Brooklyn-based Times staffer, asked us what we were working on to get a measure of how much we were producing on census day (luckily, we had actually put some things together that morning in addition to brainstorming for world domination to come). The photog was also friendly, said she was tired because she usually gets the night shift, just came back from riding in a cocktail car on a MetroNorth train or something.

We clicked on and went about our meeting, somehow representative of the current mood and output level of all of Brooklyn on the day we’re meant to be counted. Then later I ran into Fahim at Trader Joe’s, where I was working and he was shopping. It was an awkward moment, but it somehow canceled out the awkwardness a reporter always feels when they are on the other side of the line of questioning in an interview.