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In case you weren’t already aware via the 30-40 other social media/interactive/digital sites we probably share in common and toggle back and forth between every 10 to 20 seconds, Brokelyn, aka the blogspace that I’ve been writing, editing and shilling for over the past year, the origin of the assignments that have put me face-to-face with Martha Stewart, beamed across New York from Brian Lehrer’s table in high def, got me linked to by the New York Times, nearly sent a panel of brave beer tasters into a gassy coma, and resulted in some sort of blog fame, is celebrating the crap out itself tonight. And guess what? All that crap I just mentioned was unpaid, so we’re trying to make some money tonight. We’re also trying to get some money for the cash-strapped Brooklyn Public Library. If you don’t like us, surely you like reading. If you don’t like reading, perhaps you will enjoy these listings for The Human Centipede.

Our charity ball & RAFFLE: June 10

Firstbirthday-250x218cropHappy birthday to us! Can you believe it’s already been a year of Brokelyn? In just 12 months, we stalked Martha Stewart, told you how to sell your[redacted] online, couch-surfed, Dumpster swam,Crockpot gourmeted, price checked, deal-scouted, taste-tested, happy houred, flirted with aluminum poisoning from cheap beer tastings and much, much more. We also brought you the Brokelyn Beer Book and some great t-shirts in the process. We’re just getting started, but all this means only one thing… PARTY TIME (excellent)!

So what did you get us? Oh, I see… well it’s ok, because we’re getting you something. Clear your calendars and start rolling your pennies, because we’re throwing a bash for the ages, featuring fancy shmancy dress, some free booze and, the piece de resistance, THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY.


Web clip: Martha and me, BFFs for life

from Brokelyn 10/25, in which I spent five hours stalking Martha Stewart under the Brooklyn Bridge:

Martha! Martha! Martha!


Martha with her niece Sophie Herbert, and her French bulldog Francesca. Photos by Mark S. Bernal.

Martha Stewart was all up in the Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO on this gorgeous Sunday, tasting some goodies and generally causing a big commotion with her camera crew, entourage and French bulldogs in tow. But what brought the queen of home craftiness into the county of Kings?

Turns out she’s doing a whole hour on Brooklyn, which may also include her stops at Marlowe and SonsMarlowe and Daughters, a rooftop garden and some of the different food factories. Her posse said the show (doubly titled Martha: The Martha Stewart Show) is supposed to air Nov. 10, though it’s subject to change. “We love Brooklyn,” she gushed to us (only because we stalked her all afternoon) after sampling the wares from a handful of vendors. So which ones will make the TV cut—and what else did she have to say?

READ IT. It’s a good thing.