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Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses

taking a long bike ride through your local park on a hot summer Sunday soundtracked the entire way by a Michael Jackson concert.


sh'amon, via Found in Brooklyn

If I had to guess, I’d say this was probably the opposite of the Glenn Beck rally the day before.

But don’t be like me and miss this:

Via Daily News and Village Voice.

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Friday Happy: We don’t have to change at all

RIP Michael Jackson.

This rather sweet video co-starring Roberta Flack is from the 1974 children’s special “Free To Be… You And Me.” It also included contributions from Dionne Warwick, Mel Brooks, Harry Belafonte, Alan Alda and Shel Silverstein. Why aren’t we making children’s entertainment like this any more? I don’t know, except that I’m pretty sure will.i.am has something to do with it.

A customer at the store yesterday asked me if I thought this would become one of those things that people will always remember where they were when they heard the news. According to customers, a lot of people in Brooklyn were in stores or other public spaces screaming at the top of their lungs. But I kept thinking one thing all day: what are Weird Al’s thoughts on the matter?

Oh that’s right, we don’t have to ever wonder that again.

MJ, you may have been an odd one, but you beat up a car and turned into a cat once, so, you know, that was pretty sweet.

(video via boing boing)