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VIDEO: Tim Gunn and Charlie Beckerman make Hulk feel angry, démodé

In hopes of giving a sales push (from Inverted Soapbox’s five readers) to Models Inc., the comic series edited by roommate Charlie and featuring Tim Gunn in the Iron Man suit, here’s a video of Charlie, Tim Gunn and another Marvel rep on stage at the TriBeCa Barnes and Noble last night, dishing on superhero fashion trends:

(The end of the video kinda trails off so feel free to stop watching at the pause break)

Yes, I had to look up “semiology” after Gunn used the word like four times (This is why apps were created).

Charlie also wrote the teaser headlines for these mock-up model covers used in the series, including probably the best Hulk fashion faux pas joke you’ll read all day:

I have never watched a minute of Project Runway, but I’ve found myself a rather vehement Tim Gunn fan for some reason, through things like this and his Daily Show interviews and whatnot.

As little as I care about what’s ostensibly fashionable from day to day (insert Freudian acknowledgement about how dad worked at Men’s Wearhouse and other clothing stores for his entire career here), Gunn has a great sense of humor about himself and a refreshing mindset about the fashion industry, with an understanding that just because something like fashion is unnecessary to human existence doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with reveling in its aesthetics.

Also, when someone asked him last night what the No. 1 crime against fashion is, Gunn didn’t hesitate: Crocs.

This led the Marvel boys to speculate that about a future Tim Gunn comic where the fashion icon attacks some sort of crocodile villain with his Blazer of Justice. That’s some semiotics we can all appreciate.