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Hail! Hail!

Weather keeps happening to New York!! Who would have thought? Dave and I were at Brazen Head last night when the skies unleashed, soundtracked the entire time by the bar’s resident townies who exclaimed, loudly, that all their life they’ve never seen anything like this in Brooklyn:

why hail-o!


Hail to the streets. Notice the river flowing down Atlantic Ave.

Clearly this entire hail storm was orchestrated so that we can all remember a tragically underrated song from the Pearl Jam’s unfairly forgotten 1996 album, No Code.

“Hail Hail”

For more pics and video, check out Brooklyn365.

Cee-Lo = He-ro

Cee-Lo’s new song is brilliant, and not just because it uses a brandishes a bad word about like the flag of a conquering army. It may be a deft creative strike against the plague of being overplayed into oblivion.

In pop music, you have this rarefied echelon of songs that start with the artists’ loyal following, slip into mainstream play and suddenly become ubiquitous at sporting events, BBQs, bar jukeboxes, and even the iPod nano your mother takes to the gym. See: Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” Feist’s “1234.” Contrast this to any song from the Black Eyed Peas or Smashmouth, which seem to be constructed solely with the intent of seeing how many commercials and between-inning stadium pumping-up they could profit from. Continue reading