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Score one for the indies

Brooklyn Book Shopping (A summary)

The goal:

The trail:

Barnes and Noble (Court Street): Out-of- stock fail

Barnes and Noble (7th Ave): Out-of-stock fail

Amazon.com: sent-book-to-four-year-old, long-defunct-address-on-Hilton-Head-for-some-reason fail

Community Bookstore (7th Ave): WIN!

“Wow, first time that’s happened,” the girl at the counter said when I explained above tribulations.

Plug: Community Bookstore, 143 7th Ave. in the Slope. It deserves your shopping there.

Oh, and also, John Turtoro is one of its investors. That creep can roll, man.

(Edit: should note that the first store I tried was Book Court on Court Street, which also did not have it. Still an indie win in the long run)