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Friday Happy: I am the miracle!

The Rev. Vince Anderson and his Love Choir is the best damn show in all of Brooklyn, and I’ll stand outside the Williamsburg Waterfront in a free Girl Talk T-shirt and scream it to the masses through a rolled up copy of Vice Magazine.

I have seen the light, and I believe in the The Truth.

I’m posting this video here, but you can’t possibly understand the dirty gospel until you see it with your own face:


The Light! from last Monday

The Rev preaches a roots dirty gospel with the voice of Tom Waits and playfully meandering songs that have a touch of Les Claypool. The music percolates through the room, lifting up the sinners to the communal renewal¬†of musical praise. ¬†His show is free every Monday starting at 10:30 at Union Pool, whose outdoor taco truck and ample, cozy space provide the perfect setting for Rev’s California roadhouse style and inventive stagecraft. And Jaleel Bunton, the guitarist, is in TV on the Radio.

I stood in the back of Union Pool on Monday, jaw in various states of slacking, eyes bulging ever wider, hand balling up into a fist and reeling back to punch a friend as I screamed: “Are you effing KIDDING ME? This has been here the whole time and we’re just finding out about it NOW?!?!”

The show owes its spirit to the tradition of old-fashioned revivals, but its only marked with subtle, inspecific religious themes too slyly incorporated to be a coincidence.

More info here, from Brooklyn Vegan. Go see the show, and you too will believe that you Are the Miracle.