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Rowdy Roddy

A name I probably should have thought of and done something with a month ago:

Rod Blag’s Rad Blog

Rad Rod

Rad Rod

which could have followed in the footsteps of Fake Michael Bay, Fake Clarence Clemons, Fake Britney, or Real Levar Burton, with the linguistic rhythm of the Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

Next time. Or maybe there is still time? I just now found this news story: TNA wrestling offered Rod Blag a rad job yesterday:

In what is likely a publicity stunt, TNA Wrestling has offered former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich a job within the company.

Not surprisingly, it is with the Main Event Mafia who are heels (or bad guys) in the company.  But his position would be one of much respect.  He would be the Chairman of the group.

TNA Wrestling posted the following statement Friday afternoon:

TNA Wrestling is offering the newly created position of Chairman for its Main Event Mafia faction – and the opportunity to openly sell chairs, steel chairs – to ousted Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. …

“He’s innocent until proven guilty,” Angle said.  “As the leader of the Main Event Mafia, I am a huge fan of the Illinois style of politics. As such, Governor Blagojevich is welcome to join me and the entire Main Event Mafia at any and all TNA events in the future, and certainly is welcome to sell his seat with us should he choose not to accept our generous offer.”

This is an open call to someone with Photoshop to please put the appropriate head onto this picture: