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Saturday Happy: ‘It says it’s for dogs, but she can’t read’

Did you catch Splitsider’s Classic Simpsons Week series? If so, you missed some great content that peered into the nuclei of creativity that led to one of the cleverest and funniest programming eras in the entire history of television. In addition to interviews with former writers and producers of the show, the series included this video, featuring every commercial that ran during the first Simpsons episode premier in December, 1989 (in Rhode Island, at least). And since it was a Christmas episode, we get some great holiday themed merchandising too (topical!).

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Lisa it’s your wedding

thank you Erik Weber and his buddy Matthew BeischerĀ for pointing this out:

happy wedding Lisa

TOO Day in once upon a Simpsons timeline, Lisa was supposed to have aged enough to be married to a Hugh Grant clone. Think about that, and now you feel 157 years old. A sunday wedding!

From season 6, episode 19, 1995.

Other things that were supposed to have occurred by Simpsons 2010:

Bart married and divorced three times

World War III

Scientists discovering a cure for 15 stab wounds in the back (but not quite 17)

Lisa and Millhouse did it

Things that actually have happened:

Video phones

Holographic trees

Fun Freelancer Fact

The New York Post’s hold music is “The Simpsons” theme song.

Rupert, you integrate like nun udder.