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Brooklyn is lousy with editors

From the recent excursion to the Score! free swap at BKLYN Yard, I encountered, in the space of an hour:

Patrick, an editor at Birkhauser (a publisher of books and journals)

Erin, an editor at Lemondrop.comJessica Belanger (l) and sister Rebecca, 20

Kristin, an editor for Real Simple magazine

Jessica, an associate editor at (“pleasepleaseplease don’t put where I work!”) Magazine

All were people I interviewed for that post on Brokelyn. And all were combing through the vast and ever expanding sea of free crap on the edge of the Gowanus.

I’ve been trying to divine whether there’s a deeper meaning to this, but I’m not sure if there is one, except maybe that everyone, from the lowly unpaid blogger to the fully employed magazine editor, appreciates the sweet offer of free, gently used goods on a sunny summer day.

The event also had a surprising dearth of homeless people, who you would figure would have been lining up at the door to pick up discarded French art prints and record players that may or may not work (and maybe some clothes) in exchange for their unused … whatevers. They must not have known about it. I mean, don’t they read the internet? How do they update their Facebook statuses? How will their friends ever know which “Martin” character they are?

Even more so than editorship, 100 percent of people I talked to shared one common trait: they all had Gmail addresses. And the meaning of that is clear: 20-somethings in Brooklyn are at least as cool as my 70-year-old grandmother.

Web clip: Brokelyn’s swaponomics

Swaponomics: bring t-shirts, get Kiss albums

by Tim Donnelly | 5.31.09 | 1 Comment // SHARE | PRINT

Some people (not us) have a hard time believing the concept “free.” Organizers at the Score! swap meet in BKLYNYard on Saturday repeatedly had to remind visitors that yes, it’s free, as in, just take as much as you can carry, and if you want more than you can carry, come back later with a bigger bag. Get used to it, folks—Mean Red Productions, the group behind the event, told us they’re trying to open a semi-permanent swap-meet store. But can you really get anything decent at these things? We performed a  spot check.

alex-legerPhotos by Tim Donnelly

Alex Leger, 24, assistant manager at Baked, Red Hook
Got rid of: Nothing: “I heard about this at midnight. I’m just here to take.”
Walked away with: New Ikea picture frames, art prints, a piece of a glass brick wall, a large wooden frame.  “It’s a project in itself just to refurbish it.”

Keep reading the rest of the post. See more pics from the event here.

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