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The addictions I have had or sorta almost had

smoking sucks.

smoking sucks.

I have, at several points in my life, found myself on the precipice of addiction to various things, real or imagined. Here are the top 5:

5. Cigarettes

There were two times in my life where I actually craved a cigarette, at least craved one not just in that drunk-freshman-year-trying-to-impress-girls-who-wouldn’t date-anywhere-near-the-upper-echelons-of-my-family’s-income-bracket way. The first was during my brief but fruitful stint as a waiter at Darryl’s restaurant in Raleigh, a job I interviewed for mere days after 9/11, which is not a cultural benchmark to this story as much as it is just a relative note about how stressful and emotion-consuming time it was. That was amplified by (though no way on the same level as) the personal turmoil I was dealing with, having just quit school at GW after two years, because I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all wrong, that the school did not feel even close to right for me, and was at risk of sucking me into a future of politics and polo shirts,¬†incomparable¬†student debt and friends who only liked you for the K Street connections you might have. Continue reading

The Taco Bell Friday Happy would like to volunteer for the bake sale

On the news this week that the tragically under-appreciated Dana Carvey Show will be released on DVD this May, here’s one of the classic clips that show just how much of an important step in the evolution of cultural comedy this show represented. Years before any of them had successful solo careers, the show was home to pre-Triumph Robert Smigel, pre-airplane rant Louis C.K, pre-Malkovich Charlie Kaufman (!), and pre-Even Stevens Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. Other great bits included the guys who pull pranks by paying for gas then driving away without paying, Carell’s German’s Who Say Nice Things, and the ongoing meta joke of a sponsor’s name in front of the show title every week.

That makes one more inhabitant of the smart-but-under-appreciated shows on DVD realm. Are you listening, The State?

Germans Who Say Nice Things, and Waiters Nauseated by Food

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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