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Ted Leo’s comedy debut + a cover of “Just Gimme Little Sign”

Ted Leo guest hosted the Hot Tub comedy night at Littlefield on Monday, which he said was his first time doing anything like that (at least more than the witty between set banter at his shows). And he killed it! It’s hard to go wrong with a bit comparing farts to H.P. Lovecraft titles.

Ted also had this — is it a dig? A snark? I’m not sure what to call it, except maybe accurate — jem: when introducing comedian Jamie Lee, he said, “She was a finalist on Last Comic Standing … which you don’t know about, because you’re hipster trash like me and you don’t own a TV.” And it’s true.

So please enjoy a portion of his cover of the Brenton Wood Song “Gimme Little Sign” from Hot Tub.

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Friday Happy digs up her bones

Happy Hallowe’ekend!

Two clips to get you started right for the night of fright ahead.

Subliminal chills from The Exorcist

First, you are aware, of course, that The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies of all time, because it harnesses that bone-shaking fright of The Unknown, and worse yet, the Intimate Unknown, the thought that something real and horrible and pure evil has cracked your safety shell and is living its chaotic path right under your roof, its next move always unpredictable but you stuck there, powerless to evacuate the situation. But have you ever seen the original trailer for the 1973 movie, the one that was never released because it was deemed too scary for audiences?

If you can, turn the lights down and watch this and you will feel the hot breath of unwelcome demons breathing in your ear. This is not one of those cheap scares where some shit jumps out at you from a darkened corner. It’s just the right discomfiting combination of sound and images that makes your skin move on its own accord:

They don’t make em like that any more, the subliminal eeriness that invades your subconscious and sets your mind into unease in ways the eewy gory Saw movies don’t even comprehend.

Second, something lighter, but still — in the mind of my 6-year-old self, at least — almost as goddamned terrifying.

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Grab the spraypaint can…

…and watch this clip of Ted Leo performing “Day Man” from Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” a song that, if there’s any justice in the world, will become the Freebird of our era.

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He says in the video this is the first time that song has actually been received well, though this vid is apparently from a performance in Philly.

Like you need any more evidence that you should be watching this show. Almost all the episodes were forced to come down off Hulu by Jan. 25 too, so put your Netflix queue in effect (or find one of the 48,000 bootleg sites on the internet, I guess). It took me awhile (and a bored month of unemployment) to realize I should be watching this show, but once I did, I started drinking beer again a lot more often. Soo…I’m not sure what that means, but it’s got more laughs per minute than The Office these days. As such:

Here’s the original Day Man clip

And here’s a picture of Day Bear, master of karate and hunny for everyone:

fighter of the Night Bear

fighter of the Night Bear