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Another Simpsons-related post? Yeah, but whattya gonna do

This is, to date, probably one of the greatest linkbacks this blog has ever received (Ya hear that, Gothamist??)

From the great blog Dead Homer Society, which is dedicated to preserving the memory of the true glory days when The Simpsons ruled our lives and our conversations (not to be confused with what the site succinctly dubs” Zombie Simpsons,” aka the double-digit seasons of the show calling itself The Simpsons that just WON’T EFFING DIE). It’s from a roundup of links from Friday pointing back to the previous post:

I will return the linkback love by pointing you some of the Dead Homer Society’s most dead-on descriptions of why true Simpsons fans feel not only frustrated but also personally assaulted by the show’s perilous decline in quality after a certain point, including their manifesto and this explanation of the unseen true social cost of Zombie Simpsons:

That is why Zombie Simpsons needs to be attacked and criticized.  Not because it’s a boring, mediocre television program (there are lots of those), but because each new episode eats away at the foundations of one of the most important and influential shows ever made.  Every year a new batch of Zombie Simpsons gets dumped into the rerun pool and steals precious airtime away from the good ones, and so each new batch of potential fans has to work a little bit harder to see the good stuff.  Bit by bit Zombie Simpsons is poisoningThe Simpsons for future generations.

And, as we all say: won’t someone think of the children?

Old school

Bart reads Bob Woodward

Bart of Denial

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Will an anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes cost him the election?

I have a chair on the board of elections.

I have a chair on the board of elections.

Spotted in Union Square, 10/8


Platforms include:

Anti-Hipster Interseption Program (Anti-HIP)

The Burns Administration will put a zero-tolerance anti-hipster policy at the center of its agenda.
Charles Montgomery Burns understands that New Yorkers live under constant intimidation from this public nuisance. Hipsters threaten the cultural fabric of our great city with indiscriminate cynicism and irony. They are apathetic and use their bottomless trust funds to drive up rent for real New Yorkers.

Monty Burns says No More! With a multi-pronged approach his administration will put an end to this public menace.

Identifying hipsterism as a quality of life crime, the New York Police Department will finally have the means to protect ordinary New Yorkers from these undesirables. Only through a surge of force can we eradicate the poison of our society.

The proposed state-of-the-art Williamsburg Nuclear Power Plant is strategically planned for the epicenter of the hipster infestation and promises to eject them from this neighborhood once thought abandoned forever.

Monty Burns will change the sullied image of New York from a hipster haven to a place of law and order in order to invite outside investment, keep rents affordable for real New Yorkers and usher in a new era of stylistic accountability.

A vote for Burns will bring an end to the reign of hipsters.


Campaign ad compares CT congressman’s relationship with Pelosi to Mr. Smithers’ relationship with Burns (as in, he’s possibly gay for her?) [via Politico]

Outgunned challenger fights on in mayor’s race [via WSJ]

L Magazine endorses Rev. Billy for mayor [via L]