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There is … another

What has two thumbs and is wreaking havoc on my Google News alerts? This guy:

actually, I can't tell how many thumbs he has from this pic

From today’s Google News alert e-mail alone:

Tim Donnelly files Arizona-style immigration bill
San Francisco Chronicle
The measure by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a conservative Republican from Twin Peaks (San Bernardino County), would make it a crime under California law to be 
Donnelly introduces immigration bill
Redlands Daily Facts
As promised, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly‘s first official act as a state lawmaker was to introduce a stiff new immigration bill. Donnelly, a Republican from 
Political opposites Cedillo, Donnelly assigned adjoining desks
Sacramento Bee
Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, have been assigned adjoining desks on lower house’s 80-member floor. 
Freshman GOP assemblyman proposes immigration crackdown
Sacramento Bee
“I’m excited about the legislation,” said Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Twin Peaks Republican. “I think it’s going to help us get the problem of illegal 

Sigh for the woes of an all-too common name in a world increasingly based on recognizable bylines, because I get a lot of wandering internet traffic from California of people most likely looking for this guy (with whom I did exchange e-mails once while working on a minuteman-related story in South Carolina).

But a reminder to all aspiring freelancers, writers, solo musicians, artistic people or anyone who hopes to have people find them easily in the post-SEO age: buy your domain name, and don’t. let. that. ish. expire. EVER. Seriously folks: even if you don’t do anything with it right away, it costs $10 a year. You’ll regret it if someone else snatches it up, especially if it’s some pesky Right Coast freelancing journalist foiling your campaign for state assembly.

Soapbox is in a freelance relationship and it’s complicated

Hey there Soapbox, whatchu been up to lately instead of posting here?
Oh you know, just the usually completely congruous slate of freelancing,

About alligators…:

Consult The Experts: Gator Aid

AlligatorSo you’re in town from Ohio, quietly enjoying your week on the beach and devouring page after page of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” when you glance up to see a GIANT GATOR emerging from the ocean. This, most likely, was not in the brochure. Luckily, Clemson associate professor Richard Blob can help.

Q. Do you think a reality show about alligator wranglers would be a hit?
A. You see some of these videos where people are sticking their head and their arms in there. It’s like, “C’mon! No!” I would not advocate a reality show about alligator wranglers. That’s something that should not be encouraged in any way. Maybe like one episode of “Dirty Jobs” might be enough.

And business trends…:

How to Master Multiple Brand Management (Inc, 10/25)
How to Build a Board of Directors (Inc, 10/20)
How to Open a Business in Miami (Inc, 10/10)

And, uh, free beer…:

What bars do you want… in the Brokelyn Beer Book 2.0!?

beer book(Brokelyn, 10/26) How do we know Brooklyn loves beer? It’s not from digging through your trash, collecting cans (which… we’ll tell you about soon). It’s because when we unveiled the Brokelyn Beer Book back in February, the colorful coupon packets for 25 beers at 25 Brooklyn bars (for $25) sold out in a matter of hours. For those who swooped-in early, it’s been six months of beers on the book. For those who missed out, it’s been one long wait for this moment: the announcement of the second Brokelyn Beer Book! This time, as we prepare this next awesome deal for you, we’re doing it a little differently. We’re bowing to the democratizing power of beer, ignorant of economic and editorial status, and asking: What bars do you want?
READ THE REST and leave good ideas!

And, you know, just running for a state assembly seat in California…: (Monrovia Patch) Tim Donnelly, Republican candidate for California’s 59th State Assembly District, which includes Sierra Madre, spoke Wednesday at a Tea Party rally in Barstow ahead of the Nov. 2 election in which he hopes to best Democratic challenger and former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Darcel Woods. Donnelley is also facing Tony Tyler, small business owner and candidate for the Libertarian Party as well as Robert Gosney of the American Independent Party.

Wait, that last one wasn’t me! But this guy has been wreaking havoc on my google news alert of late. If he wins, I expect even more confused emails than usual.