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Live from the Pete & Pete reunion show, or: Growing up is for blowholes

Photo via Flickr's Chloe Lee. Click through for more!

On Friday, the creators and entire principal cast of The Adventures of Pete and Pete reunited for one of the first times since the show ended in 1996 which, in case you forgot how old we are, was nearly 20 years ago. The show featured the first-ever live performance of The Blowholes, the fictional supergroup created for the episode about little Pete’s favorite song, featuring Marshall Crenshaw (aka the meter reader), Syd Straw (Ms. Fingerwood!) and little Pete. And it was Kreb-tastic! Here’s them covering the show’s theme, “Hey Sandy” (for which Straw is reading the lyrics off a sheet of paper):

Among the revelations at the reunion:

-Toby Huss (Artie) was the guy in the Mr. Softee suit.

-At one point, Iggy Pop went up to Hardy Rawls (Dad Wrigley) and said “That guy who plays Artie, he’s kind of a weirdo, huh?”

-Alison Fanelli was the only non-blonde, non-monotone actress to read for the part of Ellen. She handed in a resume on a piece of notebook paper with a picture attached. They hired her because of her cute unprofessionalism.

-While filming one day, the crew couldn’t find little Pete on set. Turns out he was in Iggy Pop’s trailer learning to play bass. He was about 12.

-Ms. Fingerwood was originally named something else (which I can’t remember, sorry!), but Nickelodeon deemed it too dirty. So they went with Fingerwood, which was less dirty somehow?

-All the cast and crew commented on how funny it was to see the gang all growns up: “It’s weird to see the Petes drunk on beer,” Straw told the crowd.

-The creators, buoyed by the burgeoning indie rock credentials of the show wanted to use a Pixies song (probably Wave of Mutilation, they said) in one episode. But they didn’t get to use it because it was too damn expensive.

-All the guest stars came through connections the show’s crew had to the downtown manhattan art scene in the 90s.

-Ellen is still totally crushable.

-Nick opposed the use of “blowhole” as one of the show’s standard insults. But as it was just officially defined as a fleshy hole for breathing, they had no grounds to stand on.

-Toby Huss IS a crazy bastard. And it’s great.

And now, let’s reflect why this was such a BFD:

I’ve revisited Pete & Pete a few times over the years, especially as the DVDs were released a few years ago, but it probably never really hit me until last week just how much of an influence it had on own strange maturation. I had grown up watching Nickelodeon, and Pete & Pete landed in that pocket of television where Nick was experimenting with the idea that it was OK to be weird, that it was perfectly acceptable to not want to be a grownup, to live in that world where the gross aesthetics of Ren and Stimpy and the slimy sounding names (like Slurm and Fingerwood) were perfect projections of the kid imagination, before it had been corrupted with pop culture and over-education.  Continue reading

How to report the news like a Dream Team

Been meaning to post this funny and dead-ass skewering of TV news style, with much thanks to Kathlyn for the tip.

The BBC’s Charlie Brooker, essentially a limey Jon Stewart, on how to report the news.

Not that print journalism doesn’t have its own well-worn and weary styles lazy reporters fall back on all the time. How many times have you read a celebrity profile that opens up with something like: “Mark Linn-Baker sat across from me munching pensively on his cracked pepper mescalin salad, as he chewed over the cosmic fundamentalism of a digital world where cousins can longer truly be strangers. “You’d be surprised how much the invention of Geneology.com and Facebook would have shattered the original TGIF lineup,” Linn-Baker said while ripping off a heel of 15-grain ciabatta loaf and dipping it into the tub of triple-pressed olive oil carried over to him by an obsequious publicist wearing a leather thong.

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Xmas Friday Happy: And the bells were ringing out

Billy Bragg and Florence of Florence and the Machine covering probably the greatest Christmas song of all time, “Fairytale of New York,” by The Pogues. Happy Christmas to all you out there in bored internet land today, whomever you are reading this post out of circumstance or clutter.

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The Taco Bell Friday Happy would like to volunteer for the bake sale

On the news this week that the tragically under-appreciated Dana Carvey Show will be released on DVD this May, here’s one of the classic clips that show just how much of an important step in the evolution of cultural comedy this show represented. Years before any of them had successful solo careers, the show was home to pre-Triumph Robert Smigel, pre-airplane rant Louis C.K, pre-Malkovich Charlie Kaufman (!), and pre-Even Stevens Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. Other great bits included the guys who pull pranks by paying for gas then driving away without paying, Carell’s German’s Who Say Nice Things, and the ongoing meta joke of a sponsor’s name in front of the show title every week.

That makes one more inhabitant of the smart-but-under-appreciated shows on DVD realm. Are you listening, The State?

Germans Who Say Nice Things, and Waiters Nauseated by Food

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