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The current state of Williamsburg, in four easy posts


This list above is the last few stories from FreeWilliamsburg, via my RSS feed. A symbolic and ubiquitous coffee chain finally makes a move, a generationally significant sleek and pricey technology store eyes the nabe (for its first Brooklyn location), while a punk rock vegan fast food restaurant gets priced out and a music store (a music store) gets in trouble in a Brooklyn neighborhood that once was full of young people for being too loud with its guitars and noise singing and etc.

happy 2014, Brooklyn!

Friday Happy: Golem vs. bros death match

I couldn’t resist posting this video for several reasons, enumerated after our feature presentation and the jump:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via FreeWilliamsburg]

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Poor Pours: Trophy Bar

cheap living for the broke-ass writer

Trophy Bar

351 Broadway, Williamsburg


The Deal: A shot of tequila and a can of Tecate for $5; a shot of Overholt and a bottle of Bud for $5

Why it’s the bomb: average (non-PBR) beer price in New York City is $5-$7; haven’t even bothered to find out what tequila shots cost yet.

Upon discovering this deal Saturday night, we agreed, what with the economy in its current state and all, we’d be stupid not to take advantage. And that’s why I woke up at 1:30 Sunday feeling like I’d been bashed in the head by the Stanley Cup.

Why it’s meh: You have to swim through a sea of beards to order it; plus, the bathroom at Trophy Bar emits an ominous odor every time the door opens that probably means the plumbing stopped working about four generations of Taco Truck back.