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Brian Lehrer is all right by me

wow, this blog is getting horribly self-promotional of late. But if you didn’t care, what’s stopping you from leaving?

Inverted Soapbox and Team Brokelyn will be on Brian Lehrer LIVE tonight at 7:30.

It’s NY cable channel 75, I hear, and I have to take the internet’s word for it because we have no television.

Show link, which doesn’t have much more info.

It’ll be available as a video podcast eventually. That’s right: you can finally have a tiny me in your pocket at all times.

Quotes about Brian Lehrer, from his show’s site:

“I listen to Brian Lehrer… Wow, I love that guy. I love the show.” – Jon Stewart  (in a speech at a New Yorker Magazine forum)

“Usually a pretty fair and smart guy” – Bill O’Reilly (on his show)

“You are it. You are the man.” – Thomas Friedman (on “The Brian Lehrer Show”)