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WordPress is unaware it exists

Off-topic laughable discovery of a moment ago: WordPress’ spell checker does not recognize the word “blog.” Suggestions include: “bog log blag bloc biog bldg blow blob blot clog.”

Blag? Bldg? But not blog? That’s enough to bloc up the intertubes with a back log blob of bad clogs.

I love this. It’s like Microsoft Word not recognizing the word “processor,” or NeoOffice not recognizing the phrase “cripplingly long-loading unwieldy waste of disk space application.”

“Blag,” fyi, means: A means of obtaining something by trick or deception; An armed robbery; Fake, not genuine; To steal; To deceive, to perpetrate a hoax; “You’re wearing a blag designer shirt!”

Not to be confused with Rod Blag’s Rad Blog. He certainly tried to blag his way into some cash for that Senate seat, for sure.